Makers of Elastic merchandise and Elastic items for the car, development and other mechanical needs, Polycrafts (Pvt.) Ltd. expertly modifies itself to the requirements of the clients with its primary spotlight on arrangement of predominant quality items.

Set up in 1985 Polycrafts (Pvt) Ltd(Formerly Pakistan Elastic Items) is presently a completely developed built up substance with best in class apparatus working with all procedures accessible incorporates Elastic Infusion Trim , Calendaring . Expulsion and Fluid Silicone Infusion moldings in the mechanical focal point of Karachi. Starting the excursion with Footwear items Elastic and PVC Floor mats Polycrafts today; has extended itself to teach in its activities different car elastic items utilized in the assembling of a vehicle. Competency of the organization further lies in the Elastic Eva, sound damping car and designed parts for Unique Types of gear Producers, Vehicle industry and other building organizations in Pakistan.


Growing further the organization has addressed the assembling of Flexoguards and Flexohumps structure security items which offer a total scope of items for stopping zones and open air territories which incorporates elastic corner monitors, divider watches, hindrances , dock bumpers, elastic tiles and tangling, elastic establishment cushions and other specially designed items. These items follow the global gauges as well as the organization has spearheaded itself just like the sole and first makers of it in Pakistan.

In view of the endeavors of cooperation and development, Polycrafts Pvt Ltd makes its speculation similarly. Ceaseless endeavors to improve item and administration quality have been the concentration all through. Taking advantage of family items the organization has begun delivering child care items which incorporate elastic areolas and pacifiers. Every one of these items have not just made their own specialty in the market yet have produced extraordinary outcomes as far as better quality and plan.

It is our vision to serve our customers and our end shoppers with items which fulfill them as well as give them extraordinary joy for the estimation of cash they acquire by contributing on our items


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